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Hydrating & Reducing Heat

Water with mint & lime

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the year is important for many reasons like flushing the digestive system, moisturizing the skin, refreshing the brain and when you're pregnant, keeping your amniotic fluid at an optimal level for baby's health.

Summer can be a time when your body requires more hydration than normal because of heat. Mother Earth is aware & provides proper ways to hydrate beyond just water. Think of nourishing fruits that tend to be more hydrating for the body like watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and cucumbers.

Adding these types of fruits into your diet along with plenty of water provides beneficial results all over: you won't get bored with having the same flavors in your mouth, you're actually cooling yourself down at the same time, AND you're adding fiber to your diet!

If you need to mix it up more with your water, consider adding herbs like mint or rosemary, maybe throw in some frozen berries instead of ice. Infused water with cucumbers or any citrus fruit can add just enough of a different taste that'll keep your thirst quenched & your palate satisfied. Maybe you switch over to a sparkling water later in the day. Try some of my favorites: Topo Chico (all time fave), Waterloo (lots of fun flavors), or Big Swig (love their chili mango).

What are good indicators that you may need to drink more water? Any of the following: chapped lips, pruny fingers, constipation.

Stay dewy xx


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