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Manifestation Journal

Manifestation Journal - Life Elevated

Embark on a journey of crafting the life you yearn for through the power of daily manifestation.

This unassuming journal is meticulously crafted to assist you in recognizing the miracles that abound, amplifying your manifestation potential. By shedding limiting beliefs, you elevate your frequency, inviting greater abundance and flow into your existence.

Picture of Back to Basics: Eating for Life

Back to Basics:
Eating for Life

Transitioning to a whole foods diet can be easy and sustainable with the right approach. In Back to Basics: Eating for Life, Nasreen Allen provides a non-judgmental guide to helping you make the switch. She covers everything from the basics of what to eat and tips for cooking and meal planning. She also includes easy swaps to help you make gradual changes to your diet without feeling overwhelmed.

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