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Living Intentionally with Movement

Nasreen holding weight for lunges
Holding barbell

Living intentionally with movement means listening to when you need to move & the type of movement your body is desiring.

I've moved in various ways over the years & I owe a lot of that to just listening to what my body was needing.

I used to run. I've actually run multiple marathons & even completed an ultra marathon > 31miles. As much as I loved running then, it wasn't something I recommended for everyone. I understood even then that movement is unique to each person.

It's like barre. As much as some people adore it, it isn't for me, at least not at this time. Right now in my life, my body desires a mixture of vinyasa yoga, weight lifting & calisthenics.

So, how do you find what's right for you?

  1. Start with easily accessible movements like walking, hiking, swimming.

  2. Join a friend in a new class. Some places offer reduced trials or free first time classes.

  3. Find something on YouTube. YouTube is a wonderful source for LOTS of movement classes (e.g. yoga, HIIT, pilates)

  4. If you live in a bigger city, check out ClassPass. This allows you to try out several places.

Once you find movements you love, add it into your daily life. Just adding 10-20 minutes each day can greatly improve your outlook on life.

Play around with the time of day that your body desires movement. I love hitting the gym early but prefer yoga in the evening, so I make time to fit each in at optimal times for my body.

Don't feel stuck. You can always switch it up if you feel like you reach a point of stagnation or boredom.

Once you get started, you'll notice how much your body craves it.

Find your peace,

Nasreen xx


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