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Fully Surrendering - Pregnancy Tips

Taking a break during a hike

As life begins to unfold for me, I'm reminded of how sweet fully surrendering can be.

Looking back to just 5 years ago, life was vastly different & has shifted in numerous ways. The biggest shift being wanting to have a baby.

For all of my life, I never had a desire to have a baby. The very thought of it made me anxious & didn't feel right in my body. Then a shift happened, I felt a strong desire to have a baby. So, I had a conversation with my husband & we decided to start that journey.

Surrender started right away. The first pregnancy symptom I noticed was shortness of breath. I've been active forever so not being able to hike comfortably came as a shock. I attempted resting & restarting several times. Finally, I told my husband, 'Babe, I need to stop'.

As my pregnancy progressed, I had to honor the desire to sleep much more (and I'm a huge fan of naps); that first trimester was the most I've slept in my life. Shifting from active movement to sleeping often was a BIG shift. Once I did start exercising again, I went from weight lifting & running to prenatal yoga & just walking towards the end.

I took lots of time to just be with my breath & took that into the delivery room, which was a HUGE place of surrender.

As I released to my breath & my labor progressed, I slipped in & out of the now moment. It was almost like going into a different dimension. I fully let go. I trusted my body's intuition. I felt everything progress, so quickly, I thought. It was much quicker than I was told a first labor would go. Not even 12 hours from my first contraction, I gave birth to my daughter.

This act of surrender started during pregnancy & has continued to serve me into parenthood. Each time I attempt to go through the motions, I'm brought back to the now moment. I surrender to this beautiful place of presence, and I have my daughter to thank for it.

How are you surrendering? Where can you surrender more?

Wishing you presence,

Nasreen xx


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