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Reading Your Body's Signals

in the moment

Have you ever ignored a nagging tummyache that later turned into full-blown food poisoning?

Our bodies are silent partners in navigating life, whispering wisdom through subtle signals every step of the way.

Our body keeps us safe and healthy, but often these subtle signals are overlooked or fall on deaf ears. When you brush off the whispers, it often turns into shouts. It can manifest deeper into fatigue, chronic pain and emotional imbalances.

When you listen to the whispers, you thrive. You experience vibrance in the form of better sleep, improved digestion, heightened confidence and increased resilience.

You can connect deeper with reading your body's signals by:

  • Practicing mindful eating. Reduce all distractions and be in the moment when you eat, focusing on each flavor, chewing thoroughly, and feeling the food pass down into your body.

  • Notice recurring aches and pains. When do they occur? What have you tried to alleviate them?

  • Use the body scan meditation. Lay or sit quietly and focus on different body parts. As you focus on each part, pay attention to what you feel without passing judgment.

  • Keep a 'body wisdom' journal. Write out the signals your body sends to you. Rejoice in the wisdom of YOU.

Embark on a journey of embodied awareness with me.

Start here: Your Embodiment Type Quiz

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Here's to a renewed you!

Nasreen xx


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