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F*ck Ozempic! Empower Yourself Holistically.

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As for many, eating is near & dear to my heart. I LOVE to eat & eat food that speaks to my heart. What you eat shapes you. What you're presented with while in the womb actually effects your health once you emerge Earth side.

Within my own realm, I've been hearing Ozempic, Wegovy & other drugs people are taking to lose weight quickly. It's reminding me of when over-the-counter weight loss drugs like Hydroxycut, Shred & even ephedra based drugs took the industry by storm in the late 90s, early 2000s. And before I dove into holistic health, I fell into this craze.

These recent events have pushed me to write more on the subject & present the issues with relying on something outside of yourself.

  1. It doesn't last long term. When ephedra was all the craze, people took the pills for the quick weight loss only to find out that it was creating holes in their heart.

  2. Taking a drug does not change habits. Habits form over a long time & by leaning on something outside of yourself, you're not creating healthy habits that will prevent weight gain.

  3. What you eat is not always the answer as to why you gained the weight. Caloric intake is just one indicator of what could possibly be happening to cause weight gain.

  4. It can get WAY more expensive than if you just face the issue head-on. Paying for something like Ozempic on a monthly basis for several months on end can end up costing you more financially & physically.

What are your options?

  1. If you think everything can be changed with food, make it simple, switch to more of a whole foods based diet. What I mean by this is eat things closer to the source, less processed. And when you do consume processed, watch the amount you consume. I typically look for something that has less than 7 ingredients when buying a processed food or keep my processed foods to a minimum.

  2. If you're an emotional eater (as many are), and you either overeat or undereat based on your emotions, notice how you habitual eat. Overeating? What can you do to replace food when not hungry? Can you go for a walk? Have a cup of tea? Meditate? Not eating? Create a timer to check in with yourself. When is the best time for you to sit down & eat mindfully? Take time to eat without distraction & experience everything you take in.

  3. What if what you're eating is not what's causing eating disfunction...what could it be? Is it stress? Sleep? Hydration? Movement?

If you have trouble with going about changing on your own, you can reach out for help. Holistic health coaches can help with creating new habits around how you consume or help you understand your habits, among many things. Reach out! It'll cost less than taking Ozempic or another drug for several months & it'll be long term! Coaches help you make life long changes!

Wishing you happiness,

Nasreen xx


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