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Movement During Pregnancy

Movement for a healthy pregnancy
Fit pregnancy

Active movement during pregnancy has many benefits, such as:

  1. Moves baby into optimal birthing position (head down with spine to the left of the belly button).

  2. Encourages healthy stress on baby's heart. This allows baby to experience increase in heart rate before birth.

  3. Reduces stress.

  4. Increases self-esteem in changing body.

  5. Can help with desired weight gain.

  6. Can help prevent gestational diabetes.

  7. Promotes a deep, restful sleep.

What movement should be included? One thing to consider is your level of activity before getting pregnant. It's often safe to continue certain routines like weight-lifting or running, if you feel up for it. It isn't typically recommended to start an intense workout routine.

What's safe to start?

  1. Walking. I grew to enjoy the pleasure of walking in nature. It's also meditative.

  2. Prenatal yoga. Hands down what got me through my pregnancy & birth.

  3. Swimming. The buoyancy of the water helps with feel comfortable as the belly grows & the resistance of the water helps with muscle engagement.

Listen to your body. Do what feels good for your body & mind.

If you need guidance, please reach out. I'd love to be a part of your journey.

Nasreen xx


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