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SoulLife Supplements

Being a health coach, I've been approached often over the years from supplement companies. None of which I felt I could stand behind and recommend to my clients, until SoulLife.

SoulLife started in Canada. The creators of SoulLife are also experts in health, nutrition and how the body processes vitamins and minerals. When they saw a lack of supplements out there that could support people getting proper nutrients and minerals, they decided to make some of their own.

Enter Cellenda. Cellenda includes minerals necessary for the human body and organic humic acid to assist with absorption.

Rekick includes minerals needed to assist in keeping the thyroid gland healthy.

I started taking them together postpartum while breastfeeding. Since my daughter's birth, my sleep cycle has greatly changed in just caring for her. I still wake up often throughout the night, so naturally I found myself pretty tired during the day.

After a month of taking Cellenda and Rekick, I noticed a natural elevation in my energy levels. It isn't a jittery feeling; it's more like taking in a breath of fresh air that fills my entire body.

Along with the elevation in my energy levels, I also noticed my salty cravings go away. I have craved salty things my entire life (except for my nauseating first trimester). This was mind-blowing. I knew from my studies that I could be craving salt because of a mineral deficiency, but I never thought my cravings would dissipate.

Others have had similar amazing results...women having no sickness during pregnancy and women seeing their PMS disappear, people experiencing a decrease in anxiety and depression, and someone even getting rid of the high levels of candida in their body.

Our bodies NEED these essential minerals. I am proof that even with a proper, well-rounded healthy diet, I was depleted in minerals.

See how Cellenda and Rekick will benefit your life! Buy a monthly supply here:

Have more questions? I'm here to help. Reach out and ask.

xx Nikki


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