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Setting Intentional Goals

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Remember that January rush of optimism, vowing to finally learn French (me this year) or run a marathon? Yeah, same. Somewhere between resolutions is reality and honest human mistakes.

The truth is, setting a goal triggers a mini dopamine party in your brain, making it feel AMAZING. But the follow through is key. Don't just mindlessly set a goal, be intentional. (Listen to more about this here: Unf*ck Your Brain)

However, setting and achieving are two different things. When setting goals, be laser-focused on your intentions.

Here are some tips about how to set intentional goals:

  • Ask yourself if YOU actually want this goal. This may sound like a no brainer but the object here has to be something you desire and not something you may be doing to please someone else.

  • Do you have small goals along the way? You may have a goal that takes awhile to achieve. And if that is the case, you want to have smaller goals that you can more easily attain to reach the long term goal. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon, you map out your journey to reaching that goal. You plan when you want to run your marathon, you look for one to run during that time, you start training. When you reach one of your smaller goals, bask in triumph.

  • Where do you feel this achievable goal in your body? Take some time to do a visualization meditation (maybe you record your voice first and play it back whenever you want to meditate). Evoke your senses. See the finish line, notice your breath quickening as you reach it, feel the deep relief and triumph for crossing the line. Feel it all out. If you're having difficulty achieving a desired result, consider signing up for my Embodied Empowerment Masterclass happening on February 18th. I'll be diving deep into embodiment.

  • Release the desire to be perfect. This is a big thing that can come up with goal setting. All or nothing thoughts. Back-sliding. Whatever guilt trip you have put on yourself before in regards to goal setting, let that go NOW! You don't have to beat yourself up. You DESERVE to reach your goal, and you can make mistakes along the way. You're human.

  • Tap into gratitude. Whenever fate steps in to move you the right direction, no matter how small, give thanks. Take note of what you have in your life now that is moving you toward your goal, including YOU.

Ditch the guilt, celebrate the stumbles, and remember - you've got this!


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