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Morning Intentions

Trade autopilot for awareness. Instead of blindly rushing into the day, take a few minutes to set an intention that will infuse your entire 24 hours with purpose and meaning. This simple shift can create a ripple effect of positive energy throughout your day, leading to greater productivity, deeper connections, and a heightened sense of fulfillment.

Spark your inner fire: Choose one (or all!) of these rituals to illuminate your morning:

  • Gratitude Glow: List five things you're grateful for in a journal. Feel the warmth wash over you as you acknowledge your blessings.

  • Scent & Serenity: Light a fragrant candle or incense. As the aroma fills the air, inhale peace and exhale anything holding you back.

  • Mirror Mantra: Write an inspiring quote or intention on your mirror with a dry erase marker. Let it be a beacon of positivity every time you catch a glimpse.

  • Oracle Oracles: Shuffle your oracle or tarot cards, seeking guidance for the day. Embrace the wisdom they offer and shift your intention with a gentle nudge.

Remember, transformation doesn't require a complete overhaul. Even a five-minute practice of morning intentions can become a potent catalyst for change. Find a tiny spark that ignites your soul, and watch it illuminate your entire day.

Find more support around infusing your life with intention. Join my group - Intentional Living for Vibrant Health. Get access to blog posts that take you deeper, an online group of like-minded people AND monthly meetings where we discuss living intentionally.

See you soon.

Nasreen xx


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