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Healing Postpartum

In my last post, I talked about how I began my path to healing during pregnancy. In today's post, I'll be addressing healing postpartum.

I was aware for some time that I was holding onto the past. My relationship with my own mom was particularly difficult. I felt triggered by the smallest things & would lash out at her. Most stemmed back to the fact that deep down I felt abandoned by her. Her mother had a huge part in raising me & my relationship with her was closer to what I desired.

Grandma & me

Prior to addressing my mother wound, I had no idea that I was comparing my mom to my grandma & expecting her to show up in the same manner.

What propelled me into healing was a sequence of events: giving birth, feeling disconnected from my body, stepping into motherhood, finding movement again, putting up & sticking to boundaries, grieving the death of my grandmother, leaning into the Judgement Detox (awareness, journaling, tapping, meditating, forgiving), stopping alcohol & marijuana.

It was a deep process with many layers. At the other end though, I forgave my mom & how I felt she should be. Our relationship has shifted & it feels so beautiful.

I'm going to be diving into the specifics in my workshop that I'm putting together for others who have felt & had to deal with a mother wound. Healing this particular trauma will help you flourish in ways you couldn't imagine - your relationship with self & others, your relationship to your children, your relationship to your career, etc.

I'm beginning to work on this now. So stay tuned for this amazing, life-changing workshop.

Wishing you wellness,

Nasreen xx


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