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Embracing Your Feminine Force

Throughout my life, I've heard 'Ugh, I got my period', 'I cannot do ______ because my period', 'I hate getting my period', 'I wish they could just take my uterus out!'

As I matured more & started asking questions around these feelings women have, I understood something much deeper. From an early age, these women were taught to loathe this part of them. They heard this continued rhetoric from the patriarchy either in the form of a man, another woman spouting these same things from her early childhood, & even the church; it gave the impression that when your body is actually working OPTIMALLY, it isn't or it's wrong. The verbiage & misunderstanding creates such fear & loathing.

Imagine hearing from so early on that you begin to fear this beautiful transition & natural cycle of being a woman. You never want to menstruate.

Think of what you're telling your body:

  • I hate you

  • I don't want to live in this space

  • Everything about this is wrong

  • This is the worst

So how does this fear & loathing manifest in the body?

  • Difficult premenstrual periods & menstrual cycles

  • Feeling disconnected from your body

  • Issues in the form of cysts, cancers, endometriosis

  • Difficulty conceiving

  • A traumatic birth experience

I could go on with everything I've seen unfold first hand BUT

What if you change the rhetoric & offer the nourishment your body desires?

  • Look at your cycle as your body doing EXACTLY what it needs to do. How wise your body is!

  • Take extra time when menstruation is coming or during to nourish yourself with whole foods

  • Set aside time for more rest, meditation, journaling & creative work ***this is actually a GREAT time to dive deep into creativity

  • Allow movement in the form of yoga with grounding poses

  • Find support in herbs, acupuncture or both **Elix Healing has amazing products to support your cycle naturally & it's tailored to YOU!

  • Consider other supplements **think liver pills to replenish the blood flow & energy

  • Begin to pay attention to your full cycle & the wisdom of your body ***Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) I'll dive into this deeper in my next blog

You have the power to change the relationship you have with this part of yourself. Embrace your feminine force!

With Love,

Nasreen 'Nikki' xx


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