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Befriending Your Body: Self-Talk

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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On the journey to empowered embodiment, it's essential to reframe how you speak to your body. You may already have a way of speaking to your body, either in your mind or aloud. This may be based on what you've heard others say about their bodies, how you were taught to think of your body, or simply a process you started to develop on your own based on societal norms.

Going from negative self-talk to positive self-talk can be challenging. But it's important to start with awareness. If you feel like what you're saying is untrue, perhaps start with neutral self-talk. This means simply stating facts about your body, such as:

  • This is my body.

  • My body digests food.

  • My body is feeling the air.

Once you feel comfortable with neutral self-talk, you can start to incorporate positive self-talk. Here are a few examples:

  • My body speaks to me to tell me right from wrong.

  • I can trust my body.

  • My body is strong and capable.

  • My body is beautiful and worthy of love.

When you speak to your body in a positive and affirming way, you're sending it a message of love and acceptance. This can help to improve your body image, boost your self-esteem, and increase your sense of empowerment.

Here are a few tips for practicing positive self-talk:

  • Be consistent. The more you practice positive self-talk, the easier it will become.

  • Be specific. Focus on specific things you love about your body, or things that your body is capable of doing.

  • Be realistic. Don't try to force yourself to say things that you don't believe.

  • Be kind. Speak to yourself the way you would speak to a friend.

Remember, it's okay if you slip up and say something negative to yourself from time to time. Just pick yourself up and start again. The most important thing is to be patient and consistent with your practice.

When you reframe your body talk in a positive way, you're changing the narrative about your body. You're telling yourself that your body is worthy of love and respect, and that you're capable of achieving your goals. You're on your way to befriending your body. This can have a profound impact on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Continue your journey and save your seat for the Empowered Embodiment masterclass.

Wishing You Empowered Embodiment,

Nasreen xx


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