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Self-Mothering through Self-Care

Updated: Apr 24

self-mothering through self-care

In two separate conversations with friends, we were talking about scarcity mindset & reframing how we live our lives.

One friend was mentioning how she wanted to start to take better care of herself physically so she had hired a coach who specialized in movement & nutrition. This friend of mine is a fellow doula so also comes from a place of holding space for women.

When she saw the cost, she had to take a minute to herself before purchasing. She started to feel guilty before even making the purchase then compared that cost to some home renovations she was making. Surely, she should spend that money on herself for self-care. She's pleased with her purchase.

The other friend was talking with me about honoring vacation time & how as a culture, we're driven to work so much. I reflected on a comment my mom made to me several years ago as I was planning a vacation - 'it must be nice'. I shrugged it off knowing that my mom could prioritize a vacation IF it was important to her.

I see this as a trend with many women. When budget or time cuts need to be made, we take from our own self-care.

Here's a reminder to YOU and me that you NEED that care. You deserve that care. You can self-mother through your own self-care & replenish your cup over & over again to be the better YOU! In all aspects.

Wishing you wellness,

Nasreen xx


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