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Nourishing Baby

Nourishing baby through breastfeeding
Nourishing Baby

Ever since I've stepped into the birthing & pregnancy world, I hear fear creep up around many uncertainties... one being breastfeeding. 'I'm concerned I won't produce enough.' 'What if my baby doesn't latch?' I'd like to address some concerns, offer suggestions & provide alternative means.

1) Provide affirmation. Let's start with not assuming the worst. Putting fear in the mind can place unnecessary stress on the body. During your pregnancy, start to use words of affirmations around anything that is making you fearful. 'My body knows exactly what to do.' 'My body is nourishing baby thoroughly.'

2) Mindful breastfeeding. This sacred time is a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness. Remove distractions, like a phone or tv. Put on some soothing music. Turn on the oil diffuser or light a candle. Create a cocoon for you to be quiet & tune into the present moment.

3) Feel supported. You aren't alone in this journey. Many mamas are in the same boat & you have to figure out what works best for you & baby. I overproduced & my daughter chocked in any other position except for me laying flat on my back. Once I discovered this by finding my community & researching, breastfeeding was a time I thoroughly loved.

4) Consider all options. Every situation & family is different. You have to find what works best. This could be your breast milk, donated milk or formula.

If I can help support you during this time, please feel free to reach out. I'd love to hear from you, mama.

Nasreen xx

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