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Postpartum Healing

Day 1 after birth. As you can see in the above picture, I still look pregnant. If no one knew, it would be assumed that I was. However, the belly felt different. It felt mushy instead of rock hard.

I started taking pictures of my postpartum body journey as a means to share how not only can every body look different. It can show how a body changes with breastfeeding alone.

Being regularly active before & during my pregnancy, I listened to my body & let myself just be at peace without an urge or desire to get back to pre-pregnancy body. Knowing full well how long it took my body to get to where it was to fully develop a human & give birth, this rest was just what my body & mind needed.

Day 21 after birth. Dramatic decrease in belly as my uterus shrank back & my body continued to heal. Baby breastfed regularly - roughly 6-8 times per day. That bond! Breastfeeding was nourishing both of us. Did you know that breastfeeding helps your uterus shrink back to normal after birth? It helps with that continued release of oxytocin to the brain creating that bond & aiding in healing.

Four months after birth. I definitely wasn't where I wanted to be physically, but I'll tell you that I really did take it easy. I moved a bit with yoga, walking & Camp Gladiator (virtually). This was the height of COVID (8-2020), so I know if things had been open, I would've definitely been more physically active.

Once things started to open up, I started attending regular yoga classes. Just like during pregnancy, yoga movement was the best thing for me. I took ownership of my body back...but that's for another post.

Here's to your journey, wherever you're at...

With Love,

Nasreen xx


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