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Birth is a LIFE Event

I was listening to a podcast recently that highlighted this fact perfectly - Birthing Instincts. In it, the midwife, Bliss, mentioned how although we treat birth as a medical event, it is & has always been a life event. Yet, we still continue to treat it as the former.

Imagine if all families began treating birth as a life event. They opened up for that unfolding, that surrender, to allow for the new soul to enter. What if we all planned our births the way we plan weddings? We researched & voiced exactly what we wanted. We stepped into our full power to let others know what we knew was best for ourselves & our babies. And, similar to hiring a wedding coordinator, we sought out help when & where we needed it, like hiring a doula or midwife, choosing where we birthed.

How would weddings be different if they were treated the way we do birth? What if we paid into them ahead & time & just let everything unfold the way it did? They would choose the venue, the food that was eaten, & how we dressed. Imagine...

Now, make a choice for your life. Choose your life events. Use your knowledge to ask questions, to voice your choices!

Empower yourself,

Nasreen 'Nikki' xx


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