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Ancient Medicine for Conception

Please take into consideration that although getting pregnant is typically just looked at as a physical act, Ayurveda looks beyond the physical into the spiritual. The desire to bring forth life begins first as a spiritual act. Start here. Set your intentions as a family going forward, and begin to practice mindfulness.

If you're prone to stress, begin to find ways to reduce cortisol in the body: spend time outside, journal, meditate, do yoga. Whatever allows you time to decompress, offer yourself more of it.

In the ancient practice of Ayurveda, planning for conception starts 3 - 6 months before the physical act of getting pregnant & includes preparation from both parents.

There are 4 things taken into consideration: timing (rtu), the field (kshetra), fluids & nutrition (ambu), and the seed (bija).

At the beginning of the process, along with starting to track ovulation, it is an ideal time to look at abundance & fruitfulness in the world around you. Rtu is ideal when the menstrual cycle is regular, the family feels comfortable with welcoming a new soul - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and the world that will surround the new soul is also at peace.

Next, consider the field - the uterus, the womb that will house the baby for several months. For the kshetra to be in optimal health, doshas should be balanced and the body should be free of toxins. To determine your dominant dosha - take your quiz here:

It is an ideal time to start eating dark leafy greens, other vegetables and fruits. Along with proper nutrition, ambu considers blood flow, strong plasma & lymph as well as balanced hormones. Nutrition can help but herbs could offer additional support here.

Lastly, the seed (bija) is considered. This looks at not only the sperm but also the egg. Ayurveda considers this to be the most complex element and thus it must have all the considerations for proper health - a healthy diet, a healthy environment, a healthy age. It is an excellent idea to nix all the vices here: alcohol, smoking, caffeine, drug use, even pesticides to properly purify.

In the next Ayurveda for preconception post, I will touch on deeper practices and the process of beginning.

With Gratitude & Love,

Nikki xx

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