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What I Look For On A Label

Let me tell you how much has changed with what I eat now that I properly read labels.

Before I started my training as a holistic health coach, I typically read only the 'Nutrition Facts', which you can see to the left here. I specifically looked at calories, serving size, carbohydrates and protein.

Now, I make a point to FIRST look at the listed ingredients. As you can see from this picture, which is a smoothie starter, there are only 3 ingredients. Everything is a whole food, and there's nothing hard to pronounce.

If I look at the ingredient list and it has too many ingredients or some I can't pronounce or don't even know what they are, I don't even both looking at the left side to the 'Nutrition Facts'. From my extensive studies and research, I know that our bodies thrive properly on whole foods. Our bodies can do their job when we eat what is closest to nature.

What weird ingredients have you seen? Anything that made you stop and think twice before buying it? Let me know. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Peace & Love,


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