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Simple Meditation for Pregnancy

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Here's a simple meditation that'll allow more mindfulness & peace into your life. Its primary focus is noticing the breath.

1) Find a comfortable seat or lie down.

2) Close the eyes or find a focal point.

3) Start by noticing where your body is touching the chair, floor, bed...

4) Bring your awareness next to your breath wherever you notice it - nostrils, chest or belly.

  • If it's nostrils, focus on the varying temperature of the air as you take it in & when you exhale.

  • If it's chest, imagine the expansion of your lungs and rib cage.

  • If it's belly, again notice the expansion.

5) If it helps, place a hand on heart and another on belly.

6) When thoughts or emotions arise, simply take note & allow them to diminish. Come back to the breath.

7) Start slowly with just a minute at a time. Then, add onto it as you're able to.

Breath can do wonders during pregnancy, contractions and the pushing stage of labor. Breath & mindfulness alone got me through my entire birthing experience as it has with many others & can do the same for you.

For more tips, check out my other blog posts or follow along on Instagram or TikTok @naturallynasreen

Nasreen xx

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