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Prenatal Yoga for Easier Labor & Delivery

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Have you considered taking a prenatal yoga class for fitness purposes? Or maybe you've heard the myriad of benefits of prenatal yoga? Aside from keeping your body in shape during pregnancy, prenatal yoga offers so much more! Let's look into this more:

1) Connecting mind & body

2) Connecting more with baby

3) Calming the mind

4) Focusing on breathwork (pranayama)

5) Finding comfort in the changing body

6) Learning the bandhas (including mula bandha essentially kegels)

7) Relaxing more into the day to day activities

8) Potentially a quicker labor & delivery

9) Maintaining connection to the body post delivery

10) Helping body heal quicker post delivery

Hands-down mindfulness, meditation, pranayama & prenatal yoga ensured all of these for me. I enjoyed tuning into my breath and starting to meditate while I felt my baby move around in my belly and touch my hands as they were placed on my belly.

If you're interested in prenatal yoga, let me know! I'd love to offer you a virtual class. <3 If you have questions, reach out! Looking forward to connecting with you.

xx Nikki

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