I am enough.

'I am enough' is a little reminder that you have all of the tools you need.  I like this one for many reasons. The first is that it brings me back to the present moment. When we live in the present moment without thinking of what is to come or what has happened, we can live in a state of happiness. We all get caught up in what will come, but the only certain time is now.  I also like this mantra because it allows me to be thankful for what is. When I look at what I have, I do

I am great!

My passion in life is for others to feel like when they meet me, they know they are welcome. I realized on a personal level that my presence is my power. I coach and interact in a way in which I come completely from an open mind. Each person’s story and feelings are completely different from others, and I want to take that into account. In order to come from the best possible place in my heart, I have to make sure that above all, I am happy. I can still coach and meet people