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I am great!

My passion in life is for others to feel like when they meet me, they know they are welcome. I realized on a personal level that my presence is my power. I coach and interact in a way in which I come completely from an open mind. Each person’s story and feelings are completely different from others, and I want to take that into account.

In order to come from the best possible place in my heart, I have to make sure that above all, I am happy. I can still coach and meet people if I’m not completely happy, but my ability to impart my gifts of showing others how they can live their best possible life is to be happy myself.

I have been asked how I stay positive. There are many different ways I go about it. I’m going to do a webinar here soon to discuss it, but I will tell you that one way is to just appreciate the little things. Look around and notice what is happening.

During this time of year, spring flowers are in all of their glory in Austin. There are so many different colors dotting the hills. The bluebonnets (our state flower) is my favorite though with its deep hue of blue. It’s almost indigo.

What is happening around you this Spring? What have you seen this glorious earth of ours producing? Look around and see all of the splendor, and feel it so much that next time someone asks you ‘how are you?’, the only thing you can think to reply is ‘I am great!’

Peace & Love,


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