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Which One?

I was 24 when I took my first yoga class.The movement of the asanas reminded me of taking dance and gymnastics as a child, but I wasn’t hooked...yet.

A few years later, I was practicing yoga nightly with Yoga Today. It was around Christmas which always tends to be busy and chaotic. People rush to buy gifts or attend parties. As I sat in traffic congestion, I had this overwhelming feeling of connection and positivity. It was at this moment that yoga hooked me.

Ever since then, I’ve been a strong yoga advocate. I believe everyone should practice some form of asanas.

Which form of yoga asanas is right for you? Let’s take a look at some.

1) Vinyasa - most classes I’ve been to are generally called Vinyasa. This is not any one particular style but rather a way of combining poses to all flow together while also incorporating breathing. I always recommend this for anyone wanting to get a general idea of what yoga is all about.

2) Hot - Bikram, Forrest and Baptiste all fall under this category where asanas are performed in a heated room. The temperature can range from 90s - 100s. I recommend this for those tighter in their body since the heat helps loosen the muscles.

3) Kundalini - combines movement, meditation and chanting. Fun for those wanting to incorporate the spiritual side.

4) Ashtanga - athletic style that can be rather challenging. Perfect for those looking to do something different to challenge their body.

5) Restorative - all the goodness of getting into movement in your body while slowing down. I definitely recommend for those needing to listen to their body and relax.

6) Buti - traditional yoga poses with fun movement, like dancing yoga. Fun and challenging for those who can’t sit still and love to dance.

For more styles and to read up on what to expect, check out this link:

Remember, yoga is about connecting mind, body and soul so find one that feels right to you on all levels.

xx Nikki

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