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Take a Walk

Heart pumping, sweat dripping down my face, muscles burning - this is how I used to view staying active. I never considered walking as a way of movement, nothing to be taken seriously at least.

I thought, 'Anyone can walk, right?'

I admit, this is a close-minded way to view something that actually has numerous health benefits. My tune changed too once I experienced these benefits first hand in my late stages of pregnancy. I now enjoy walks with my babe too.

Let's look at the benefits of walking.

Walking Health Benefits Infographic
Download PDF • 15.47MB

As you can see, walking isn't something to sneeze at. You can start to improve your health and wellness today just by going for a walk. PLUS, if you are walking outside, UV actually combats COVID-19 and Vitamin D boosts your immunity. So, go for a walk, your body will thank you.

xx Nikki

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