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Breathing Through Childbirth

One quote I especially related to when reading 'Mindful Birthing' is that heading into labor, you'd be okay with just your breath. Granted, sometimes other things may happen, and you cannot ensure that your birth plan will go exactly to plan, but BREATH will still be there to help you get through.

When you go into labor, your uterus acts as a muscle contracting to push baby down into the birth canal in preparation to bring your baby out into the world.

Unlike your other muscles, your uterus relies on another organ to assist with contractions - your brain. Your brain releases oxytocin into your body to cause contractions. Oxytocin flows when you are in a state of calm.

Think about it for a second. And admire the knowledge of our bodies. If you are not in a safe space, your body will work accordingly to slow & even stop labor from proceeding until it perceives that you are back somewhere safe. You may send messages to your brain to signal this IF you are stressed or anxious during childbirth.

You have the control over your mind though & YOU can let your mind know if it is safe & when it is not. How do you do this? Your breath. By tuning into the present moment & allowing full, deep breaths into your body, you send signals to your brain that all is safe & baby can be born.

Take a moment away from preparing the nursery & prepare yourself for mindfulness. It'll help you during pregnancy, childbirth & beyond.

With Gratitude,

Nikki xx

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