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Nourishing Nativity - Birth Doula

Birth Doula Services

  • 2 hours
  • Rimwood Street

Service Description

Discover the power of Nourishing Nativity with Naturally Nasreen. If you are desiring a vaginal birth and envision an empowering, magical experience, I am here for you. You and your baby deserve an empowered and embodied birthing experience. Visualize basking in the glow of the golden hour, triumph and love coursing through your body as you gaze at your babe now on your chest. Empowerment matters! Here how it affects you: Improved satisfaction and reduced birth trauma, Increased confidence and self-esteem, Stronger mother-infant bond, Reduced risk of postpartum depression, Better breastfeeding outcomes. And your baby: Improved birth outcomes, Reduced Stress Response, Stronger immune system. Birthing your baby is sacred. It is a LIFE event! Make your experience magical with a birth partner who honors your journey beyond the veil. Learn the tools for stepping into the magical space that only a birthing mother experiences. We will go over mindfulness measures to include meditation, breathing techniques, and a deep dive with your partner. Find the strength within and take the steps to manifest the birthing experience you desire. This package includes: *3 - 2 hour one-on-one sessions to discuss & set expectations, answer questions & plan your birth (2 prenatal, 1 post-natal) *Holding space & advocating during labor & delivery *Customized binder with specialized printouts geared toward your desired birth *Unlimited access to reach Nasreen via Voxer *Holistic freebies to add value to your everyday *Weekly newsletters sent direct to your email *Access to any of Nasreen's events for life

Contact Details

  • 214-940-5955

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