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Pour Your Boogies Out

This is my cherished neti pot.

One of my nightly rituals is using my neti pot to clear my sinus passages. It's easy to use and has many benefits.

Let's start with the ease of use.

First, you need to get a neti pot from a store. I purchased my ceramic one on Amazon. I've also seen them sold at most Walmarts, CVS, Walgreen's and even Natural Grocers or Vitamin Shoppe. I would recommend ceramic over plastic since it'll last you much longer, and it's easier to clean.

Second, get some non-iodized salt. This can be found at all grocery stores.

Third, heat your water so it is warm (between 60-75 degrees). Anything cooler may not allow the salt to begin to dissolve and anything warmer will be too hot for your sinuses.

Pour in roughly a tablespoon of salt and fill your neti pot with water.

Now, you're ready to flush! Place the spout to one nostril, lean over the sink and tilt your head to allow the flow of water through your passage. (e.g. if you have it in your right nostril, tilt head to left) Make sure your mouth is open and do not attempt to breathe in or out as you allow the water to flow through. Count 3-5 seconds and then switch sides.

This may feel weird to you at first. We aren't used to water going up our nose. Keep at it though, and soon it won't bother you.

Tips: if you feel like it is burning, play around with the amount of salt or temperature of the water. You can even use your finger to stir the water and allow the salt to dissolve more into the water.

You're going to want to have tissue nearby so you can blow your nose after using your neti on both sides. This will help completely clear out your nasal passages.

What are the benefits of using a neti pot?

I would say the biggest benefit is a reduction in allergy and sinus problems, especially when it's used daily.

It can also lubricate dry nasal passages. Plus, with your nasal passages being clear, it can even help to improve your sense of smell and taste, and it may reduce snoring.

Give it a try then let me know about your experience.

xx Nikki

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