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My Dream Birth

Before I got pregnant, I knew the kind of birth I wanted...unmedicated with the smallest amount of interventions as possible. So believe it or not, my birth plan started before I even conceived. I took measures to be healthy physically & mentally before I had a fetus in my womb. And, I continued that health journey during pregnancy.

These measures included: eating mostly healthy, exercising a few times a week, yoga, & mindfulness including journaling & meditation. Breathing was a HUGE part of my birth process.

As a first time mama, I labored in total for around 12 hours. Once she was born, she came straight to my chest. We left the birthing center 3 hours after I had her. This ensured proper bonding time & starting our schedule off well.

This was my birth plan:

1) Vaginal birth

2) Partner attended

3) No medication, no induction, no epidural, no episiotomy, no pitocin after

4) Ability to eat & drink during labor

5) Ability to move freely during labor

6) Access to bath & shower during labor

7) Birth with midwives at the birthing center

8) Immediate skin to skin

9) Delayed cord clamping

All went to plan. I birthed on all fours, well kind of, I was holding a birthing/yoga ball.

Something that has become evident to me the more births I attend is, left mostly undisturbed, a birth unfolds beautifully & mama is able to focus on being in her body & allowing this unfolding.

Have you written your birth plan? Have questions? Feel free to reach out!

xx Nasreen 'Nikki'


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