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Manifesting & Winning

Let's get serious (this is my serious face).

I've struggled with feeling unworthy for quite some time, for at least 20 years.

Unworthiness rears its ugly head from time to time and even more lately. My confidence has been shaken since I'm working through brand new life journeys - like parenting a newborn.

My desire to 'win' in all areas of life is lacking. Negativity is creeping in.

To get out of this mental rut, I typically write down what I'm grateful; it'll quickly change my mindset. This time it wasn't working as well.

One night as I lay in bed nursing my daughter, I had all of these thoughts going through my head about where I was 'failing'. 'My creativity is lacking.' 'I should be more intimate with my husband.' 'I need to eat better.'

One failed thought lead to another, like a domino effect. That's what happens with thoughts and actions - one leads to another. 'I need to stop!' I mentally yelled at myself. Then, I had a better thought - 'where am I winning?'

I laid there thinking about the areas of my life where I felt I was doing a great job. 'My daughter is well cared for.' 'I started my workouts again.' 'Finances are in order.' I realized I could use this process as a gentle reminder when I felt like certain parts of life weren't going as I wished. Remember when Charlie Sheen was 'winning'? :)

This started me on the right track. A couple days later, I had an epiphany about worthiness that tied in with the law of attraction. Here's an example:

For 18 years (that's how long I've been with Ray), I've thought that he deserved better. Clearly I wasn't the right fit. Didn't he deserve someone whose hobbies align more with his? He's so patient, kind and open-minded; I felt I lacked many positive qualities. This isn't the only relationship I've felt unworthy in.

Here's another example. I'm not worthy of having a successful business of my own where I share my passions. I've created many road blocks or excuses for years. I didn't know enough. What did I even have to share?

My epiphany - I felt worthy at some point.

I obviously wouldn't be married to Ray if I hadn't felt worthy enough of his love.

On the business side - I've done it before on a smaller scale. I started doing personal training and taught yoga; it was my sole income for a couple months before moving. The joy I felt doing what I love was clear - people were drawn to work with me. I was attracting them to me.

I manifested this positivity in my life. I manifested my dreams. I can continue to do so. I AM worthy!

These are just a couple of examples from my life. It can be used in any scenario though whether that be how one looks, relationships, health, wealth, career, spirituality, etc.

This breakthrough has started to change how I view my life. I feel more in control of creating exactly how I want my life to be. I truly hope this epiphany helps you too. We all have the power to create our dream life.

xx Nikki

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