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Make Some Noise!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

I end each of my yoga classes with an invitation to say 'OM'. Beyond this being recognized as the universal sound, vocalizing has many benefits.

1) Stimulates the vagus nerve. (This nerve sends messages from body to brain & is connected to several organs.)

2) Reduces anxiety & stress.

3) Draws energy down & out (when low pitched) & helps with coping during intense labor contractions.

4) Produces fabulous neurochemicals - like oxytocin.

5) Provides better sleep.

Ways you can sound/get vocal:

If OM-ing isn't your thing, you can try several other sounds to reap the benefits:

1) Ahhhhhhh

2) Ohhhhhh

3) Mmmmm

4) Humming

So, make some noise! The more you get used to these sounds, the less strange it'll feel, especially during labor.

Get it all out!

Nasreen xx


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