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Love Drug - Oxytocin

cuddles & oxytocin

I geek out about how amazing the female body is; it's one of the reasons I became a doula.

I want to talk about one of these amazing things, and it is something that occurs in ALL bodies, but females get to experience it in unique ways.

The love drug - oxytocin is a hormone produced in your brain (hypothalamus) that creates a connection to others. It is produced when you get excited sexually, fall in love & when you have a child.

Oxytocin is derived from two Greek words that when put together translates to quick childbirth. It is oxytocin being released into the bloodstream that makes the uterus begin to contract & speeds up the birth process.

In fact, oxytocin contributes to the "Calm & Connection" response. The cervix begins to soften & open as you relax, trust & surrender to the flow of birth.

When you travel beyond the veil & enter into the end of the laboring process, oxytocin works with your baby to cause the fetal ejection response. Baby naturally descends & no to minimal pushing occurs as baby is birthed.

During the golden hour as you begin life with your baby, oxytocin is still flooding your body to contract your uterus so your placenta detaches & is birthed. This process, when done naturally with minimal intervention, helps your uterus begin the process of healing.

Oxytocin also assists in breastfeeding by moving the milk into the ducts. When you breastfeed, oxytocin floods your body to create that bond between you & your baby.

As you can see, oxytocin is pretty amazing & something you can tap into with touching (hugs), dancing, & singing.


Nasreen xx


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