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Goodbye Low Back Pain

Seated forward fold is on of my favorite poses. I do it every single time I have my yoga asana practice. It helps alleviate low back pain, tight hamstrings and even tight calves.

Here's how to properly do it:

1) Sit with your legs straight out in front of you, toes pointed back toward you (feet flexed).

2) Make sure you are sitting directly on our sit bones by using your hands to move your legs and butt out of the way.

3) Inhale and raise your hands high above your head into the air.

4) Take a pause here to elongate your spine. Imagine you're reaching high into the air.

5) Keeping that spine straight, slowly start to bend forward over your legs

6) Place your hands where you feel comfortable. Depending on your level of flexibility, this could be alongside your legs, on your calves, ankles, toes, outside of feet.

7) As you breathe in, elongate your spine. As your breathe out, slowly deepen the fold.

8) Get to a point where you feel you can comfortably hold the pose for several breaths.

9) Relax into it and keeping breathing. Pay special attention to make sure you have equal in breaths and out breaths.

10) If you feel you can move further into the pose, do it. If you continue to do this pose regularly, it'll help stretch your low back and hamstrings.

Enjoy the ease. Nikki xx

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