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Birthing the Future

birthing the future
New Things Coming

My 3 year old daughter captured this picture of me. It's been a week of deep manifesting and creating as I prepare to graduate from my 300 hour yoga teacher training - I am birthing the future.

The journey has not only allowed me to dive deeper into the beauty of yoga life, it has made me witness myself as an entrepreneur, a mama, an individual and a collective. I understand how to lean into my intuition more and allow what is coming through to unfold.

I have been pouring myself into my embodiment program and now have a page ready for people to save their seat for when the masterclass goes live. I created a quiz for people to understand their current embodiment style.

As I type this, my heart is beating in a way that tells me I am aligning with my highest purpose. I am excited to bring this journey to you and thrilled that I am now stepping into my passions in a way that empowers me AND you.

Wishing you full embodiment,

Nasreen xx


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