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Acai Smoothie Bowl

One of my staple breakfast meals during my pregnancy (after the 1st trimester nausea) has been smoothie bowls. I've mixed and matched several different kinds of fruits and toppings to come up with different tastes. I've even changed up the protein powder I use.

This particular smoothie bowl is made with:

1 part frozen açaí

1 whole package of HEB Blendables - Blueberry Beet Flax which includes: blueberries, banana, spinach, flax meal and beet (I bought this at HEB which is a grocery store in Texas, similar mixes can be found at Whole Foods or Natural Grocers)

2 scoops of Keto protein (purchased at Trader Joe's)

1 cup A2 Milk

I blended it well. If you want less frozen, just add more milk. I like for my toppings to stay as toppings so I typically stick with just 1 cup milk.

It's topped with sliced almonds, shaved coconut and 1 kiwi.

Toppings are fun to play around with. If you want more of a crunch, get a low sugar or natural sugar granola like Bare Naked. I'm going to post other smoothie bowl recipes to show you how versatile these are to make.

These are so easy to make. They're tasty. You're consuming mostly whole, unprocessed foods. Lots of vitamins and nutrients. Spinach or baby kale is easy to sneak in to get that veggie boost.

Stay tuned!

xx Nikki


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